also-notify and allow-notify

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Fri May 18 09:32:11 UTC 2018

On 17.05.18 23:00, Blason R wrote:
>I have RPZ installed on server and its acting as a master server but
>somehow port setting is not working on master

>######### Slave configuration
>response-policy { zone "malware.trap"; };
>zone "malware.trap" {
>  type slave;
>  masters {; };
>   file "/var/lib/bind/malware.trap.db";
>  allow-notify {; };

this is superflous. The default is to accept notifies from master.

>  allow-query {localhost; };
>So here I am sending notification  to on port 4545; my queries

>   1. How do I configure port on slave 4545 so that slave server can start
>   listening on that port.

why do you need to listen on port 4545 instead of default 53?

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