Should we bundle the MaxMind GeoIP db?

Victoria Risk vicky at
Wed May 30 21:27:28 UTC 2018

Hello GeoIP users,

We are aware that Maxmind is discontinuing their older free GeoLite location database and replacing it with a new database with a new format (GeoLite2).

We have an issue open in the BIND gitlab to update our Geo-IP support to use the new database api. <>

The question is, would it be useful if we included the GeoLite2 database with the BIND distribution? Since we update at least twice a year, we could keep it fairly well up to date, and it would save users having to go get and update the db themselves. It would add about 1.5MB to the BIND distribution (depending on whether we use the country or city level).

Votes, comments welcome. 

Thank you,

Product Manager
Internet Systems Consortium
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