dig ds c10r.facebook.com returns SERVFAIL

Laurent Bigonville bigon+bind at bigon.be
Mon Sep 3 18:12:27 UTC 2018


With bind9 server (I can reproduce that on RHEL7 with 9.9.4, debian 
stable with 9.10.3 and also debian unstable with 9.11.4) when doing "dig 
ds c10r.facebook.com @", I get a SERVFAIL.

I'm getting this with either a bind acting as a forwarder or as a 
recursive server. In the forwarder case, if I'm doing the query on the 
servers where the query is forwarded to, it is working fine.

I get the same result if I'm doing the query on the server at 

I've attached here the capture of the network traffic when bind is 
acting as a forwarder (option forward=first so that's why you see a 
query to facebook server as well)

An idea?

Kind regards,

Laurent Bigonville

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