how to verify Pipelined TCP and DNSCOOKIE

Rodrigo Reyna usesforskypeonly at
Tue Sep 4 13:55:24 UTC 2018


Please someone help me.
I am currently verifying the function of BIND 9.11, but I am in two

I don't know how to confirm [Pipelined TCP queries(RFC7766)].
Specifically, please tell me if there is a method to check with the command
such as dig for the server on which BIND 9.11 is running.

The other is about [DNSCOOKIE].
Querying servers with DNSCOOKIE enabled / disabled with dig (bind 9.
11.4),it is always displayed as DNSCOOKIE: xxxxx (good).

Why does it appear as good even if I query the server with DNSCOOKIE
Also,please tell me if you know a command that will cause DNSCOOKIE to fail
(ie, other than good is displayed).

Thank you. 

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