'tsig-keygen' vs 'dnssec-keygen' - keysize

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Sep 6 07:29:54 UTC 2018

dnssec-keygen had -d which set the truncated bits in the .private file
for HMACs.  tsig-keygen could be extended to look for -bits with -a but
yes I meant just edit the resulting algorithm name in the file.


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>>> Is there no cryptographic difference between the short/long output?
>> As I understand it (though I haven't studied this in a while and may be
>> fuzzy), the HMAC algorithm shortens keys that are longer than the block
>> size before it uses them, so it's true, long keys aren't necessary or
>> particularly helpful.
>>> Incidentally using bind-9.11 I was unable to use the truncation method
>>> you mentioned below (not that I really want to). Is it a 9.12 onwards
>>> thing?
>> No, but Mark's comment may have been confusing.  You can set up keys
>> that way in named.conf ("algorithm hmac-md5-96;" or whatever). At first
>> I thought he was talking about tsig-keygen; perhaps you read it the same
>> way I did?
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> Yes, I did read it the same way as you Evan.
> Thanks for the clarification on the HMAC usage.
> Stuart

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