How to avoid to listen on specific interfaces

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Thu Sep 6 17:17:48 UTC 2018

In the end I had to look in the BIND ARM.

As I read this, the solution should be:

options {
listen-on { !; any;};

The first part tells bind to not listen to and the second part
tells bind to listen on any other address.
Having the Listen-on statement removes the default listen for all addresses.

On 06/09/2018 15.24, He Zhe wrote:
> On 2018年09月06日 21:06, Sten Carlsen wrote:
>> On 06/09/2018 14.33, He Zhe wrote:
>>> On 2018年09月06日 20:26, Sten Carlsen wrote:
>>>> On 06/09/2018 12.36, He Zhe wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> How can I config to let named NOT listen on specific interfaces? Any negation config in options like below? Currently it listens on all interfaces and compete with other DNS daemons in the same system.
>>>>> options {
>>>>> listen-on { !; };
>>>>> };
>>>> You may try to let it specifically listen to all interfaces except the one you want excluded.
>>> Thanks for your hint.
>>> But the "all" here is hard for me to determine beforehand. Many potential different things would use named but some specific one just want to use their own DNS services. So I'm looking for the NOT operation.
>> I would assume that there is a limited and fairly fixed number of actual NICs in the host.
>> example:
>> eth0 -> internal network
>> eth1 -> external network
>> eth0:7 -> VLAN for location 1
>> Listen_on {;; }  eth1 is missing and should not be listened to.
> Thanks for the example.
> The IPs in my case cannot be determined in advance. They might be configured and then changed to any values. I could fall back to create a script to detect the changes and modify named's config and restart the named service. But that sounds not so good. I hope named can ignore some specific IP and/or interfaces while handles the rest.
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