[BIND] RE: KSK Rollover

Hugo Salgado-Hernández hsalgado at nic.cl
Thu Sep 6 20:39:22 UTC 2018

Hi Brent.
In out CentOS box, the named.secroots file is written on

You should check permissions there too.


On 20:32 06/09, Brent Swingle wrote:
> Evan,
> I ran the command and followed the directions to build out rndc as you have suggested.  However, I am not sure that it made much of a difference.  I should have been a little clearer from the beginning.  I had worked with rndc to issue other commands and had received what appeared to be valid responses as if rndc was functional.  I had somewhat assumed that rndc was baked in behind the scenes and ready to go.  Either way I it has a rndc.conf and is specified in named.conf at this point.
> I have two of these servers that are identical from an SW perspective.  As a test, I issued "rndc secroots" on the server that I have modified to configure rndc and observed the following lines appear in the /var/log/messages file.  When I issued "rndc secroots" from the non-modified file I get the same 3 lines.  It acts like the process is running but it is unable to write output to the named.secroots file.
> Sep  6 14:33:13 ns2 named[31189]: received control channel command 'secroots'
> Sep  6 14:33:13 ns2 named[31189]: could not open secroots dump file 'named.secroots': permission denied 
> Sep  6 14:33:13 ns2 named[31189]: dumpsecroots failed: permission denied
> As a test, I manually created named.secroots with weakened permissions to see if that made a difference but it still won't print output to it.
> [root at ns3 etc]# ls -lh named.secroots
> -rw-rw-rw-. 1 named named 0 Sep  6 13:52 named.secroots
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> On Thu, Sep 06, 2018 at 05:34:21PM +0000, Brent Swingle wrote:
> > This is the command that does not work and the output received:
> > [root at ns2 ~]# rndc secroots
> > rndc: 'secroots' failed: permission denied
> > [root at ns2 ~]#
> Have you set up your server to accept rndc commands?
> If not, run "rndc-confgen" and follow the directions.
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