Scaling Bind-DLZ

Job Job at
Mon Sep 10 13:47:45 UTC 2018


we are using with a quite good satisfaction Bind-DLZ (with Postgresql 9.6.4) on Bind9.
I know, it is a quite old driver, but we know very well how does it work.

Due to traffic increase, we are experiencing some visible delays when the number of concurrent queries per second reach the value of 800/900 qps.
By reading the original documentation, in performances chapter it says:
"...  With a top speed of 759 Queries Per Second, the database was actually handling close to 2277 SQL select queries each second..."

It seems that the original driver cannot scale, even though system resources are really plentiful?

Is there a way to scale a bit better without moving away from Bind-DLZ?

Thank you for the help, best regards!


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