how to dynamically change/update (own private) domain record

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Sun Sep 23 14:45:30 UTC 2018

Not exactly sure what you are doning since we don’t see what records you’re
trying to add, but it sounds like you are “attempting to add a CNAME
alongside a non-CNAME” which doesn’t make sense and will fail.

A CNAME means "use the records for this other name whenever this name is
queried.” It doesn’t make sense to have any other records[*] for a domain
name once you use a CNAME with it.

[*] DNSSEC and possibly some other “hidden” records excepted.

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> On 22/09/18 21:58, Mark Andrews wrote:
> > The update policy rules you have don’t allow the apex to be updated.
> Change the rule types to “subdomain” and the name fields to “dom.local”.
> >
> fantastycznie!
> many! thanks
> may I also ask why cname does not work in my setup?
> client @0x7f4d84094190 nsupdate_key: updating zone
> 'dom.local/IN': attempt to add CNAME alongside non-CNAME ignored
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