BIND DNS problem (?)

Jukka Pakkanen jukka.pakkanen at
Wed Sep 26 07:45:46 UTC 2018

We are running a couple of Symantec SMG servers, and their DNS clients are configured to use your BIND 9.12.2 DNS servers.

In both SMG servers we get the same DNS "server failure" error from all our DNS servers when they do some TXT queries to SMG:

(sorry for the bad quality/format, hope you can zoom in. That's all I got from Symantec when contacting their support, and they claim the problem is in our DNS servers because of the "server failure" error).

Anyway, I suppose the problem is related to these, in the response:

Answer authenticated: Answer/authority portion was not authenticated by the server
Non-authenticated data: Unacceptable

Sooo, any ideas what does this mean, is the problem in out BIND servers, or in the other end?

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