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> Subject: BIND and UDP tuning
> Hi,
> I reported a few weeks ago that I was experiencing a really high
> number of "SERVFAIL" messages in my bind-9.11.4-P1 system running on
> fedora28, and I haven't yet found a solution. This is all now running
> on a 165/35 cable system.
> I found a program named dropwatch which is showing a significant
> number of dropped UDP packets, particularly when there are bursts of
> email traffic:
> 12 drops at skb_queue_purge+13 (0xffffffff9f79a0c3)
> 1 drops at __udp4_lib_rcv+1e6 (0xffffffff9f83bdf6)
> 4 drops at __udp4_lib_rcv+1e6 (0xffffffff9f83bdf6)
> 5 drops at nf_hook_slow+a7 (0xffffffff9f7faff7)
> 3 drops at sk_stream_kill_queues+48 (0xffffffff9f7a1158)
> 3 drops at __udp4_lib_rcv+1e6 (0xffffffff9f83bdf6)
> ...
> # netstat -us
> ...
> Udp:
>     23449482 packets received
>     1724269 packets to unknown port received
>     8248 packet receive errors
>     31394909 packets sent
>     8243 receive buffer errors
>     0 send buffer errors
>     InCsumErrors: 5
>     IgnoredMulti: 43247
> The SERVFAIL messages don't necessarily correspond to the UDP packet
> errors shown by netstat, but the dropwatch output is continuous. The
> netstat packet receive errors also don't seem to correspond to
> "SERVFAIL" or "Name service" errors:
> 26-Sep-2018 12:42:49.743 query-errors: info: client @0x7fb3c41634d0
> ( query failed
> (SERVFAIL) for at
> ../../../bin/named/query.c:8580
> Sep 26 12:47:11 mail03 postfix/dnsblog[22821]: warning: dnsblog_query:
> lookup error for DNS query Host
> or domain name not found. Name service error for
> type=A: Host not found, try
> again
> I've been following this thread from some time ago, but nothing I've
> done has made a difference. I really don't know what the buffer sizes
> should be.
> 2Dforum.2342410.n4.nabble.com_Tuning-2Dsuggestions-2Dfor-2Dhigh-2Dcore-
> 2Dcount-2DLinux-2Dservers-
> 2Dtd3899.html&d=DwICAg&c=MOptNlVtIETeDALC_lULrw&r=udvvbouEjrWNUMab5xo_vLb
> UE6LRGu5fmxLhrDvVJS8&m=5XQNuuRQ4kxK03zqoWaJHIdaJvNdsyTKHuFlDKedbpc&s=5Dqh
> ne-5w5V_1coBTBvTITwK2EFeankOegTaofy8S5w&e=
> Are there specific bind tunables you might recommend? edns-udp-size,
> perhaps?
> Any ideas on other tunables such as net.core.*mem_default etc?

*chuckles to self*

I was just referring back to that thread myself to try remember what I did.

I ended up tuning the following items:

  - name: SYSCTL system tuning, basics
      name: "{{ }}"
      value: "{{ item.value }}"
      sysctl_set: yes
      state: present
      - { name: 'vm.swappiness', value: 0 }
      - { name: 'net.core.netdev_max_backlog', value: 32768 }
      - { name: 'net.core.netdev_budget', value: 2700 }
      - { name: 'net.ipv4.tcp_sack', value: 0 }
      - { name: 'net.core.somaxconn', value: 2048 }
      - { name: 'net.core.rmem_default', value: 16777216 }
      - { name: 'net.core.rmem_max', value: 16777216 }
      - { name: 'net.core.wmem_default', value: 16777216 }
      - { name: 'net.core.wmem_max', value: 16777216 }

(Yeah, I was using ansible for that testing!)

The checking of the /proc/net/softnet_stat is what was driving some of those settings, so you may want to dig into that. I never did solve the netstat showing issues though, so keep that in mind.

If you are running high query throughput and have many CPU cores, the pinning of cores was a significant performance improvement.

You've not said here what sort of query throughput you are having here however. Be aware that if this is running in a virtualized environment, you may want to be looking at the host machine instead of the guest as the network performance there can have a significant impact.

Whilst mentioned in passing on that thread, there was also poking around with TOE, pause, coalesce adaptive and ring size settings (look at ethtool -K, ethtool -A, ethtool -C and ethtool -G), but sadly have lost the specific commands. 

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