Problem with zone delegation with private gTLD

Karl Lovink karl at
Mon Apr 8 09:50:59 UTC 2019

I am trying to set up a private gTLD with BIND9 and underneath that gTLD
a subdomain. The subdomain runs on another BIND9 server.

The problem I'am facing is that the BIND9 server of the gTLD gives a
for the ns record of the subdomain. If have no clue what is wrong.

Can somebody point me out what is wrong in my configuration.

named.conf snippet
    view "phishing" {
        match-clients { phishing_net; };
        recursion yes;

        zone "lab" {
                type master;
                file "/etc/bind/gTLD/lab";

gTLD lab zone:
    $TTL 60 ; TTL 60 seconds
    $ORIGIN lab.
    @   IN  SOA vdns01.lab. hostmaster.vdns01.mgmt.lab. (
            38400 )

        IN  NS  vdns01.lab.
        IN  MX  mail.lab.
    vdns01          IN  A
    mail            IN  A
    $ORIGIN acme.lab.
    @               IN  NS  ns1.acme.lab.
                    IN  NS  vdns01.lab.
    ns1.acme.lab.   IN  A


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