max file size or line count for BIND zone file

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Fri Apr 26 08:23:16 UTC 2019

>>On 25 Apr 2019, at 06:10, Martin Meadows via bind-users <bind-users at> wrote:
>>><div dir=3D"ltr"><div class=3D"gmail_default" style=3D"font-family:comic sa=
>>>ns ms,sans-serif">Wondering if anyone is aware of a max file size or max nu=
>>>mber of lines that a given BIND zone file can contain?=C2=A0</div><div clas=
>>>s=3D"gmail_default" style=3D"font-family:comic sans ms,sans-serif"><br></di=
>>>v><div class=3D"gmail_default" style=3D"font-family:comic sans ms,sans-seri=
>>>f">Thanks,</div><div class=3D"gmail_default" style=3D"font-family:comic san=
>>>s ms,sans-serif">Marty</div><div class=3D"gmail_default" style=3D"font-fami=
>>>ly:comic sans ms,sans-serif"><br></div><div><br></div>-- <br><div dir=3D"lt=
>>>r" class=3D"gmail_signature" data-smartmail=3D"gmail_signature"><div dir=3D=
>>>"ltr"><div><div dir=3D"ltr"><div dir=3D"ltr"><div><br></div><div><div style=
>>>=3D"font-size:12.8000001907349px"><div><div>Martin Meadows<br></div>MTA and=
>>>  DNS Administrator | Salesforce<br></div></div><div style=3D"font-size:12.8=

>On 2019-04-25 17:57, @lbutlr wrote:

On 25.04.19 20:37, Dave Warren wrote:
>Because you're looking at the text/html part of the message with an 
>incapable mailer. Try looking at the text/plain part instead as this 
>message has both:
>Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8"
>Content-Type: text/html; charset="UTF-8"

I would guess that lbutlr's complaint goes to HTML generated.  Holy sh*t, it
looks as ugly as html mail generated in MS-Word from some 15 years ago

generallym, plaintext is better for use in mailing lists
... and sorry for OT, I shut up now
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