Checking whether some configure options to compile are not longer available for Bind 9.14.1

Tony Finch dot at
Mon Apr 29 19:54:12 UTC 2019

Bhangui, Sandeep - BLS CTR via bind-users <bind-users at> wrote:
> I am trying to compile the 9.14.1 source code on Sparc Solaris 10 and I
> see that following options are not recognizes any more when used with
> configure.....
>  " -enable-ipv6" and "-enable-threads"

Yes, they have gone. The HISTORY file says (last sentence of the 9.14

	BIND now requires support for IPv6, threads, and
	standard atomic operations provided by the C compiler.

The HISTORY file is definitely worth a read if you are upgrading to a new
major version, since it has a fairly short summary of the release notes.

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