Question about CVE-2019-6477: TCP-pipelined queries can bypass tcp-clients limit

Veronique Lefebure Veronique.Lefebure at
Fri Dec 20 15:44:18 UTC 2019

Many thanks for your reply. It answers the second part of my question.
But what about the first part of the question: " If a client is using TCP-pipelining, and if querylog channel is enabled, what will appear in the query log file for that client ? Shall we see one line per DNS query, i.e. N lines if the client has sent N queries in the pipeline, or shall we see only one line ?" 

You say "Just seeing multiple queries from the same client TCP connection doesn't mean that it is pipelining them."
But are we sure that one would see multiple queries in the querylogs in case of pipelining ?


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Hi Veronique,

I replied the same day:

But oddly, I don't see your posting on the list at all, just my reply.

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So.. if you didn't subscribe, you wouldn't have seen the reply...


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