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>> OK, then how do I get Bind9.122 to update the .signed files?
> Did you see my previous message?

I did not, sorry.


>> Are you doing `rndc freeze` and `rndc thaw` before and after editing the
>> unsigned zone file?

No. I was under the impression that when bind reloaded (rndc reload and/or service named stop/start and/or service named reload) and saw a new serial number, it would generate a new .signed file for that zone as part of the process of refreshing its information and notifying the slaves.

It appears that I need an entirely different workflow that the one I've been using for the last couple of decades of editing the zone files and reloading the DNS server.

So, to update a zone now I should either use nsupdate to make the changes, or I should rndc freeze, edit the file, rndc thaw.

>> How are you checking the signed zone?

dig +dnssec @

So, right now, given that I did not freeze/thaw nor did I make the edits via nsupdate, how do I get the .signed files to be regenerated from the existing zone file?

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