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Thu Feb 7 17:58:49 UTC 2019

Ok Tony, please let me explain to you.

In our company we have several desktops from two different cities accessing
only to internal domains distributed in two views in a private BIND with
authoritative zones, where I've defined "recursion no;".

But now we have to let them access to * hostnames, just this
public domain and not other.

So I've implemented the forwarding of "" zone to our BIND
resolvers servers (they forward DNS queries to So I've created a
third view with this information in named.conf.local:

acl internet { };

view "internet" {

   match-clients { internet; key "custom"; };

 recursion yes;

 zone "" {

        type forward;

        forward only;

        forwarders {





I defined "recursion yes" but the BIND servers forwards all the public
domains queries to our resolvers and not just for "", so it
doesn't work. And if I change for "recursion no", the query is refused and at the client side appears an error
telling that recursion is necessary.

So I let desktops resolve all the Internet domains or neither, and this is
not what I want because I just want to let them resolve just

How can I do to forward only zone queries to my resolvers???

Sorry for my new message, special thanks Tony !!!

El jue., 7 feb. 2019 a las 13:41, Tony Finch (<dot at>) escribió:

> Roberto Carna <robertocarna36 at> wrote:
> >
> > So how can I define "recursion yes" just for the zone "" ???
> You can turn recursion on and off for the entire server, or per view, but
> not per zone.
> It isn't clear to me what you want this server to do. If it is providing
> DNS service to end-user devices (if it is configured in /etc/resolv.conf
> or advertised by DHCP) then it needs to provide recursive service. If not,
> then I am even more confused about what you are trying to do!
> Tony.
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