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Thu Feb 14 13:21:13 UTC 2019

I've been using BIND 9.6 for sometime with dlz MySQL driver compiled in
Windows Servers from the following site:

1) I'm fully aware using the dlz driver slows down queries.
2) I know the latest version of bind is 9.12
3) I know that included in the v9.12 source are newer updated dlz drivers
for mysql
4) I also know that there is a newer external database driver called dlz
modules. (love to use it)

My problem is there is almost zero discussion I can find by people showing
examples of how to compile bind 9.10 or 9.12 under Windows using dlz drivers
or dlz modules. I've successfully compiled version 9.10 without dlz using
Visual Studio 10.0 and it runs as expected. I used the following
instructions to accomplish this.

However when I tried to compile with the --with-dlz-mysql=yes command it
does not work when compiling inside the win32utils directory. It's claims it
can't parse this command. I've tried removing the '--' at the beginning and
typing 'with-dlz-mysql=yes', as window compile commands tend to drop the
'--' part of the query. When looking into the 'Configure' file inside the
win32utils directory it's no wonder why the "can't parse" message is
received, as the configure file in win32utils doesn't have a mention of the
dlopen driver and very little mention of the dlz driver. Matter of fact,
unlike the Linux/Unix config counterpart in the src, there is only one
mention of the '--with-dlz-mysql' flag and that is at the very bottom where
is states, "# Notes: Unix options". Even the Windows file
reference Unix commands, not windows commands, as anything with '--' won't
work when compiling with Visual Studio 2010. Maybe I'm off base here? I've
yet to get a command that can successfully use the '--' part of the
Configure query.

I'm looking for someone who might have knowledge of how to compile 9.10 or
9.12 with dlz mysql, specifically I'd love to use dlopen drivers. Either way
is fine with me, I just want to compile bind in the latest version with the
same mysql external database queries tech. I currently have with 9.6.

Can anyone guide me in the right direction??

My question is, can I, in fact, using the bind 9.10 or 9.12 src downloaded
from the website, compile BIND in Windows for a Windows Server and
add a flag that will install dlz-mysql or compile a mysql driver for dlopen?
If so, what are the commands to do so, as there is no documentation I can
find that has helped me move forward with this project.

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