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Tue Feb 19 18:13:26 UTC 2019

On 19.02.19 09:45, Roberto Carna wrote:
>Dear Kevin, I am sorry but I didn't see your past response.
>Please can you show me with an example what you say: "Define root zone.
>Delegate from root. Define as 'type forward'".
>An also what is the benefit in defining a root zone with the
>delegated into it??? Because I put to work this zone just as a forward
>zone, without a root zone definition.

the benefit is it does exactly what you want. 
the "" zone of type forward causes DNS resolution of
the root zone effectively disables everything else (because bind thinks
nothing else exists).

>El lun., 18 feb. 2019 a las 17:00, Kevin Darcy (<kevin.darcy at>)
>> I've already posted a solution for this. Basically, "Define root zone.
>> Delegate from root zone. Define as 'type
>> forward'".
>> "Recursion yes" is implied. No views necessary. It doesn't make any sense
>> anyway, to have the same match-clients list for all of one's views, since
>> the first one matched is the one that's used.
>> Did you not see my response, or did you perhaps dislike the approach I
>> suggested?
>> There was some subsequent discussion about not relying on DNS resolution
>> as one's *only* control over what sites one's clients can or cannot access.
>> While I agree with that, my position is that there's nothing wrong with
>> controlling DNS resolution, in addition to other controls.

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