Combining forward with master zone.

King, Harold Clyde (Hal) hck at
Wed Feb 20 20:39:56 UTC 2019

Could I just define as a zone in a separate file so:

zone "" { type master; notify no; file "static/antiphish.db"; };

zone "" { type forward; forwards{;};




We have a URL phishing setup that causes URLs we detect to redirect to a warning page. We have run into a problem. One of our clients has scripts that he calls from a host in that domain. when we block

Can I create a root zone to define a wildcard pointing to our warning page with one hostname defined going to a forward’ed DNS source? I could just give it an IP, but can I forward that one domain to outside DNS (Google or their NS repository)?

Here’s a very rough draft of the root zone:


$TTL 3600      IN SOA

*            CNAME

needs    forward(



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