Freeze/thaw and signed zone files

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Thu Feb 21 20:34:18 UTC 2019

I edited a zone file after issuing a rndc freeze command, added two new sub zones, changed the serial number, saved the file, and then did an rndc thaw.

In var/log.messages I get

zone serial (2019020105) unchanged. zone may fail to transfer to slaves.

which is the previous serial number.

So, I tried to move the .signed file aside, thinking maybe thaw might recreate it, But no, it complains the file doesn’t exist, so I put it back. 

Is it possible for me to edit the zone file (as in with vim) and have bind update, or do I have to do everything through nsupdate and never access the zone files directly?

At this point, how do I get the zone updated?

If I try to dig for the new subdomains that are in the zone, they do not resolve, and all the information in DNS is the information that was there on 21090201.

I am currently updating to bind912-9.12.3P1_3 to see if anything changes.

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