Freeze/thaw and signed zone files

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Fri Feb 22 03:43:55 UTC 2019

On 2/21/19 6:28 PM, @lbutlr wrote:
> rndc reload did not recreate (or at least update the time stamp) on the 
> .signed file.

Hum.  Maybe it's something different about how you're doing DNSSEC than 
I am.

I have BIND managing DNSSEC for me via "auto-dnssec maintain;".  So I 
don't get .signed files.

I was just able to do the following:

rndc freeze $ZONE
rndc sync -clean $ZONE
rndc thaw $ZONE
rndc sign $ZONE

I did have to manually do the "rndc sign" for DNSViz to be happy with 
the new test entry.  I don't know if that's expected or not.

> But at no point do I get the new subdomains I added to the zone added 
> to the zone.signed

The new record showed up exactly as expected.

Granted, I only added an A record and didn't create a new sub-domain.

> I’ll try sync clean and see if I get further.
> Nope, now the .signed file isn’t touched at all after the zone file 
> is edited.
> zone "" { type master; file "master/"; 
> update-policy local; auto-dnssec maintain; };

I don't have .signed files.

> So I am still with a zone file that contains two subdomains that are 
> not represented in the .signed zone file, so do not load and nothing 
> that I do seems to be able to recreate the .signed file with the correct 
> information.

Does your actual zone file have the DNSSEC records in it?  That's where 
mine are.  I don't have a separate unsigned zone file.

> Is the original random key that was generated at the time of signing 
> kept somewhere? NSEC3 seems to contain a 16 character hex sting that 
> recurs throughout the file.

I believe so.  Do you have a "managed-keys-directory" entry in your 
named.conf file?  (I do.  My .key and .private files are in the 
specified directory.)

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