CNAME as an alias to a TXT record

Computerisms Corporation bob at
Mon Nov 4 20:30:19 UTC 2019


I am wondering if it is possible to create a CNAME in one zone to 
resolve as a TXT record in another zone.  Can't find anything that says 
it will work, but can't find any thing that says it won't, either.

For example, I have added in the zone file for dom1:

_acme-challenge	CNAME

and then in zone file for dom2:

_acme-challenge	TXT	"thisismytextvalue"

Then, and more or less as expected, the following dig command fails to 
return a record.

dig -t TXT

Is there a way to get the dig command to return the TXT value for dom2? 
Or is that something that can pretty much only happen with A records?

Bob Miller
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