CNAME as an alias to a TXT record

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Mon Nov 4 21:04:08 UTC 2019

Am 04.11.19 um 21:38 schrieb Computerisms Corporation:
> Thanks for your response.
>> no matter which record type a CNAME will match and that is the simple
>> reason that you can't have A/MX records with the same name
>> MX mail.example-com
>> TXT
> yes, I understand that I can't have them in the same zone (ie in the
> same domain name).  but not trying that here.  I want the CNAME for
> to point to a TXT record at

i understand that and that's what i explained you

unless you don't have any conflicting stuff in one of both zones it just
resolves *anything* with the name on the left side with exists on the
right side, no matter what record type

if it don't you have something conflicting called "_acme-challenge" in
one of both zones

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