Debug logging for auto-dnssec inline signing

Tony Finch dot at
Mon Nov 11 12:45:16 UTC 2019

Matthew Richardson <matthew-l at> wrote:

> What "category" should one be logging in order to get details of DNSSEC
> inline signing when running Bind 9.8.11?

I guess you mean 9.11.8 :-) The 9.8 branch ended with 9.8.8 and it has
been unsupported for ages.

Yes, there is not very much logging automatic zone signing. I think that
has been improved a bit in 9.15 but I haven't looked at it in detail.

> I have an authoratitive master server with a number of domains set with:-
>     inline-signing yes;
>     auto-dnssec maintain;
> and have a suspicion that Bind has simply stopped re-signing most of them.

There have been some bugs in this area which were fixed in 9.13.3 and that
don't appear in the 9.11 branch - but I don't know if the fixes are
relevant to 9.11.

See changes 5015, 5014, 5004

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