Debugging Information Lacking?

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Frak, so I was looking for the wrong file name the whole time. I must have latched on to the wrong one and then ran with it. 

If the logging captured the path and name of the file it was writing, I probably would have noticed my error the first time around. 

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> I have some other issues that I'm trying to work through, but I wanted to 
> ask about a specific issue. 
> I'm trying to see what BIND currently thinks all of the zones are, so I 
> issue the "rndc dumpdb -zones" command. 
<.. snip ..> 
> However, it appears no file is generated. "find / -name cache_dump.db" 
> doesn't return anything. 

the default file name is named_dump.db 
If your named.conf has this bit 
options { 
directory "/var/cache/bind"; 
# working directory 

then "rndc dumpdb -zones" creates the file /var/cache/bind/named_dump.db 

If your named.conf has this bit 
options { 
dump-file "/tmp/cache_dump.db"; 

then "rndc dumpdb -zones" creates the file /tmp/cache_dump.db 

> The log says that dumpdb is complete, but it doesn't say what it wrote. I 
> would expect the log file to say something like: 
> Nov 27 07:36:28 DNA-DNS1 named[20035]: dumpdb output to: /var/lib/bind/ 
> cache_dump.db 
> It doesn't. Could we get that added to the logging information? 

Yes, it would be nice if that was added 


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