bind 9.11.2 - domain and subdomain with one zone does not work

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Fri Apr 3 13:01:24 UTC 2020

>> why so much complexity to begin with?
>>t1       A
>>sub.t30  A

On 03.04.20 11:53, mail-list-users at wrote:
>Well, in first place to make it human readable, if needed to look into the zone.

1. the above is more readablt than whay you proposed.

2. delegating subdomain (sub) to other servers via NS records and setting
   any other records in the zone is a bad idea.

3. putting localhost into any domain is useless and I discourage you from
   doing that

>For some subdomains we would have entries for the subdomain itself, like couple NS,TXT,A,CNAME,SRV etc.
>So with these thoughts, the documentation gives this as a valid option and it
>worked in small scale on the testsystem, so we decieded to go this way.
>If this needs to be changed, I need a reason besides of 'that is this way more easy',
>because these zones get generated from an automated system and I need an
>argument to get a permission for a change request.

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