bind 9.11.2 - domain and subdomain with one zone does not work

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Fri Apr 3 14:41:27 UTC 2020

>On 03.04.20 14:20, David Alexandre M. de Carvalho wrote:
>>Where can I find about alternatives to point 2?
>>I have a windows subdomain configured in that way, never realized there was a better way.

On 03.04.20 16:35, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
>if you want to have subdomain with different set of nameservers, you should
>put it into another zone and it should have different SOA as long.
>so, "sub" would  have NS records in "test.local." but "sub.test.local" would
>have own zone, own file, containing SOA, NS, MX etc records.

I think I should rephrase this:
You should put NS records for subdomain only if you are creating another zone.

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