[Fwd: Re: bind 9.11.2 - domain and subdomain with one zone does not work]

David Alexandre M. de Carvalho david at di.ubi.pt
Fri Apr 3 15:04:01 UTC 2020

Thanks for the reply.
Actually my setup is just like 1) zone delegation

Am 03.04.20 um 15:20 schrieb David Alexandre M. de Carvalho:
> Where can I find about alternatives to point 2?

in the part you quoted from me

> I have a windows subdomain configured in that way, never realized there was a better way.
> Thanks and regards.

which way?

a) zone-delegation, is the nameserver responsible for
whatever below subzone.example.com

subzone  IN A
subzone  IN NS  subzone

b) records in the same main zone file

subzone       IN A
www.subzone   IN A
mail.subzone  IN A

>>>> why so much complexity to begin with?
>>>> t1       A
>>>> sub.t30  A
>> On 03.04.20 11:53, mail-list-users at materna.de wrote:
>>> -----------------------
>>> Well, in first place to make it human readable, if needed to look into the zone.
>> well
>> 1. the above is more readablt than whay you proposed.
>> 2. delegating subdomain (sub) to other servers via NS records and setting
>>    any other records in the zone is a bad idea.
>> 3. putting localhost into any domain is useless and I discourage you from
>>    doing that
>>> For some subdomains we would have entries for the subdomain itself, like couple NS,TXT,A,CNAME,SRV etc.
>>> So with these thoughts, the documentation gives this as a valid option and it
>>> worked in small scale on the testsystem, so we decieded to go this way.
>>> If this needs to be changed, I need a reason besides of 'that is this way more easy',
>>> because these zones get generated from an automated system and I need an
>>> argument to get a permission for a change request.
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