Can we provide recursion for forward zones in response to iterative queries?

Tony Finch dot at
Mon Apr 6 10:23:41 UTC 2020

> Because the AD domain controllers already own, they
> refuse to allow us to configure conditional forwarding for its
> subdomains. So we delegated the subdomains to the inbound endpoints.
> Because they are delegations, the domain controllers set the recursion
> desired flag to 0 on the queries they send to the endpoints, and we are
> not getting replies from the endpoints.

Yuck, what a horrible problem. I don't know of any easy solutions, but I
can think of two difficult ones:

  * Reconfigure everything to use BIND for recursive DNS instead of AD.

  * Try using dnsdist - except that as far as I can tell from its
    documentation it can force RD=0 but not RD=1, so you'll need to patch
    it to get the functionality you need.

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