Full automatic DNSSEC for hosted zones/domains

Matthijs Mekking matthijs at isc.org
Tue Apr 7 09:44:31 UTC 2020

Hi Matthias,

The answer is almost, as long as the zone has a DNSSEC policy configured:

zone "newdomain.de" {
   type master;
   file "../master/newdomain.de";
   dnssec-policy default;

The only thing not yet fully automated is submitting the DS to the
parent. You can do that as soon as named puts the CDS/CDNSKEY records in
the zone.

Best regards,

On 4/7/20 10:55 AM, Matthias Fechner wrote:
> Dear all,
> is bind (version 9.16.1) able to do all DNSSEC required steps fully by
> itself.
> So I only create a new zone for a domain and include it like for
> newdomain.de:
> zone "newdomain.de" {
>   type master;
>   file "../master/newdomain.de";
>   ...
> }
> After bind was reloaded/restarted, it automatically creates the required
> keys and fully maintain the zone, do key rollover, everything required
> fully by itself?
> Gruß
> Matthias

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