checkzone from stdin?

Matthew Pounsett matt at
Wed Apr 8 18:58:12 UTC 2020

It looks to me like named-checkzone isn't able to read a zone file from

% cat | named-checkzone -
zone loading from master file - failed: file not found
zone not loaded due to errors.

% cat | named-checkzone
usage: named-checkzone [-djqvD] [-c class] [-f inputformat] [-F
outputformat] [-J filename] [-t directory] [-w directory] [-k
(ignore|warn|fail)] [-n (ignore|warn|fail)] [-m (ignore|warn|fail)] [-r
(ignore|warn|fail)] [-i (full|full-sibling|local|local-sibling|none)] [-M
(ignore|warn|fail)] [-S (ignore|warn|fail)] [-W (ignore|warn)] [-o
filename] zonename filename

If I'm missing something in the man page, could someone provide me with the
appropriate clue?  If it's not, what are the chances this feature could
show up in a future version?

In my particular case this would help with reading in zones stored as
compressed files, so that I can pipe the decompression directly into
named-checkzone without having to do an extra write to disk.  I can imagine
it may be useful to others, in different situations, as well.
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