Debian/Ubuntu: Why was the service renamed from bind9 to named?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Wed Apr 15 07:13:57 UTC 2020

Am 15.04.20 um 09:08 schrieb Klaus Darilion:
>>>> The software is "Bind 9". The package is "bind9". The service for long time
>> was "bind9". The config is in /etc/bind. Only the binary is named. So it would
>> have made more sense to rename the binary. (actually the binary is not so
>> important for end users: they install the package and manage the service and
>> usually do not have to worry about the name of the binary).
>>>> It would be great if you undo this change before release of 18.04
>>> you confuse the upstream project with your distribution
>>> bind9 was completly wrong in the debian world as well as apache2 for
>>> httpd, on sane distributions it's "httpt" and "named" all the years
>>> beause it's nonsense to throw vesions in service names
>> BTW in case Debian/Ubuntu when they do RTFM it wouldn't be an issue at all
>> [root at srv-rhsoft:~]$ systemctl status sddm
>> ● sddm.service - Simple Desktop Display Manager
>>    Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/sddm.service; enabled; vendor
>> preset: enabled)
>>   Drop-In: /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service.d
>> [root at srv-rhsoft:~]$ systemctl status display-manager.service
>> ● sddm.service - Simple Desktop Display Manager
>>    Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/sddm.service; enabled; vendor
>> preset: enabled)
>>   Drop-In: /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service.d
>>            └─security.conf, start-before.conf
>> [root at srv-rhsoft:~]$ cat /usr/lib/systemd/system/sddm.service
>> [Unit]
>> Description=Simple Desktop Display Manager
>> Conflicts=getty at tty1.service
>> After=getty at tty1.service systemd-logind.service
>> [Service]
>> ExecStart=/usr/bin/sddm
>> Restart=always
>> EnvironmentFile=-/etc/sysconfig/sddm
>> [Install]
>> Alias=display-manager.service
> Can you please describe what you want to point out? I can not follow you

that every other distibution calls it all the time "named" and "httpd"
and it's painful every time you toch a debian setup you have to remember
"apache" and "bind9"

what if bind10 wouldn't have failed and you get a software update after
some years?

what if httpd releases 3.0 ina few years besides that "apache" is
completly wrong to begin with becaus eit could be Apache Tomcat, Apache
Trafficserver, Apache Httpd

mainly that this is a distribution issue and when they are smart you can
type "systemctl reload named" and "systemctl reload bind9" without
confusing people which know it's named outside the debian world

Units can be aliased (have an alternative name), by creating a symlink
from the new name to the existing name in one of the unit search paths.
For example, systemd-networkd.service has the alias
dbus-org.freedesktop.network1.service, created during installation as a
symlink, so when systemd is asked through D-Bus to load
dbus-org.freedesktop.network1.service, it'll load
systemd-networkd.service. As another example, — the
default system target started at boot — is commonly symlinked (aliased)
to either or to select what is
started by default. Alias names may be used in commands like disable,
start, stop, status, and similar, and in all unit dependency directives,
including Wants=, Requires=, Before=, After=

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