[External] AW: Debian/Ubuntu: Why was the service renamed from bind9 to named?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Wed Apr 15 07:26:46 UTC 2020

Am 15.04.20 um 09:21 schrieb Kevin A. McGrail:
> On 4/15/2020 3:09 AM, Klaus Darilion wrote:
>> I do not complain about the version number, but of the name.
>> And in my opinion it is not sane to call a service/package httpd if the name of the software is Apache.
> For me, adding the version number can make sense if there is an
> intention to have both X and Y running on machines simultaneously.  Or
> if there is a need / ability to choose one version with more than one
> being provided by the distro.  Apache httpd 1 versus 2, was a real
> choice not many years ago.  MySQL 5 versus 8 has a similar situation
> now.  I'm sure I can point out others where the version number in the
> service is a pathway to upgrades.

in all that cases the default package of the distribution (at least
outside debian) is unversioned and you can optin to an older or newer
major version by explicit install "mysql8"

but the expected default in just do "dnf install mysqld" and if you can
install both at the same time (depends on packaging)
https://linux.die.net/man/8/alternatives is the way to go

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