AW: Debian/Ubuntu: Why was the service renamed from bind9 to named?

Klaus Darilion klaus.darilion at
Wed Apr 15 09:06:55 UTC 2020

> Am 15.04.20 um 10:08 schrieb Ondřej Surý:
> > you need to stop being rude to people on the bind-users mailing list,
> > personal attacks are not acceptable behaviour here. You should apologize
> > to Klaus.
> it's not a personal attack to clearly point out that discussions of
> distribution level changes don't belong to upstream lists and that one

As it seems your are very smart you probably have noticed that Ondřej did the change in den Debian package and is also very active an this mailing list. Further I am not they only bind-user using Debian/Ubuntu so probably other bind-user are also interested in the reason for the renaming. Hence, I on purpose used this mailing list.

> within a company should at least consult someone internally with more
> expierience and after "it is not sane to call a service/package httpd if
> the name of the software is Apache" i simply had enough

Your personal experience is not the gobal truth. It is your opinion but other experienced pepole see it different than you.

Have a nice day


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