9.16.2 / DNSSEC / DS records

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Apr 16 00:43:46 UTC 2020

Well the tester doesn’t support algorithm 13.  The red x’s should be cautions as they aren’t failures (no working  ds/dnskey pairs for supported algorithms in use), but rather the zone should be treated as insecure by the tester.


> On 16 Apr 2020, at 09:28, Jukka Pakkanen <jukka.pakkanen at qnet.fi> wrote:
> And yet, after updating Gemtrade.fi to dnssec-policy, ZSK and KSK both “13”, and updating the DS record at the .fi root, I still get:
> (algorithm 13 not supportedsignature verification failed)
> In Verisign DNSSEC verifier.
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> Aihe: 9.16.2 / DNSSEC / DS records
> Updating from 9.14.11 to 9.16.2, and migrating existing signed zones to dnssec-policy, and have couple questions, probably quite trivial…
> We have signed zones with different key algorithms, now I want everything under the same ecdsa256 policy.  I guess when the key algorithm changes, example from 8 to 13, we need to update the DS key at the registrar as well?
> About the DS keys, where can I find or retrieve them after the zone is automatically resigned by the dnssec-policy, to insert in to Hover.com’s zone data?
> The Finnish Traficom .fi root service was able to retrieve the new DS records it self, but for Hover need to insert them manually.
> Do I need to keep the old DS records at the registrar for some period of time, of can I just swap the information there, without breaking anything?
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