Batch updating all DNS records on my Bind server

@lbutlr kremels at
Sat Apr 18 15:23:56 UTC 2020

We are making some changes to our NSP account and the NSP is threatening to change our IP block. This means I will have to update all the domains on the system (all using DNSSEC). We are still arguing with them since there is no technical reason for forcing this change on us, but chances are they will prove to be inflexible.

Is it possible to batch update all the domains? Looking at nsupdate it looks like I have to step through and do every domain individually.

The only occurrence of ‘batch’ on the nsupdate man page is:

 -v        Use TCP even for small update requests. By default, nsupdate uses
           UDP to send update requests to the name server unless they are too
           large to fit in a UDP request in which case TCP will be used. TCP
           may be preferable when a batch of update requests is made.

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