NAT and Question Section Mismatch

John Wiles john at
Mon Apr 20 03:17:51 UTC 2020

> >
> > I am running into a problem that I think is caused by either a 
> > misconfiguration in Bind9, our Cisco NAT, or perhaps both.
> >
> > When I am on our internal network, I am able to query both servers and 
> > get the appropriate external ip address. However, when I try to do the 
> > same thing externally I get "Question section mismatch: got 
> >"
> I bet this is a PIX/ASA fixup fuxup.
> Tony.

Tony thanks for the response.

I'm assuming that applies to either DNS inspection and/or the fixup command. I'm asking the person that handles the cisco config to review.

I also just realized I forgot to mention that it is a 2911 ISR.


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