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Thu Apr 23 08:18:26 UTC 2020

Hi Tony, hi List,

on Mittwoch, 22. April 2020 12:27:27 CEST Tony Finch wrote:
> Older versions of BIND can fall back to non-DNSSEC queries for DNSSEC
> zones. This can be more common if there is network disruption (I don't
> know if the CenturyLink fibre cut issues have been resolved yet...)
One of the arpa-Nameservers, 2001:500:2::c which is the C-Root-
Server is shown to be not responsive for queries over UDP by DNSviz for a long 
time. I haven't found out which flags to set to reproduce this, yet.


dig DNSKEY arpa +tries=1 +dnssec +notcp @2001:500:2::c 
simply works for me, and all others I tried, too.

Today there are also similar issues shown up with and 2001:67c:e0::2 
for and for, I also can't reproduce them.

So we're possibly not needing link saturation to trigger this. ;-)

But when I understand this bug correctly, the issue is that bind9 is trying 
some combinations that simply won't work when trying DNS Protocol legacy in 
combination with DNSSEC. This causes unnecessary traffic and log messages but 
there are no invalid results cached due to this.
The only case this can turn things worst is in combination with rate limiting 
or link saturation.

The only thing that IMHO does'nt really fit into this is, how could the same 
message occur e.g. on 09:29:49, 09:29:56, 09:30:18, 09:34:02 and 09:35:39 when 
the TTL is 3600, refresh is 1800 and retry 900. From my understanding, the 
SOA-RR and its RRSIG should be cached once a successful combination was found, 
and there should be no further queries like this for at least 1800 seconds.

Or are there DNS extensions causing this RR to be cached multiple times? I 
would expect such for IN A or AAAA but not for IN 
SOA. ;-)

I don't experience any delays when doing my troubleshooting queries, and I'm 
seeing the TTL properly decreasing when querying the resolver.

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