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Sun Aug 23 09:57:40 UTC 2020

401 characters… so that’a another problem. Thx.

Lähettäjä: Kyongseon West <kwest at iup.edu>
Lähetetty: 23. elokuuta 2020 3:16
Vastaanottaja: Jukka Pakkanen <jukka.pakkanen at qnet.fi>
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Aihe: Re: CNAME / TXT

How long is the character in txt line? If it’s longer than 255, it will show that exact error. Exact thing happened to me yesterday.

You can separate with a quote to make it work.


Kathy West, CISSP
IT Services
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
kwest at iup.edu<mailto:kwest at iup.edu>

On Aug 22, 2020, at 8:19 PM, Jukka Pakkanen <jukka.pakkanen at qnet.fi<mailto:jukka.pakkanen at qnet.fi>> wrote:

Cannot figure out what is wrong here… must be something simple but after sitting in airplanes the last 40 hours and it’s 2am…

Only when I comment out the two lines in the end of the named.harriot, it goes through and BIND load the zone. With those two lines, get the following:

C:\DNS\etc\namedb>named-checkzone harriot.fi named.harriot
dns_master_load: named.harriot:33: mg.harriot.fi: CNAME and other data
dns_rdata_fromtext: named.harriot:35: syntax error
zone harriot.fi/IN: loading from master file named.harriot failed: CNAME and other data
zone harriot.fi/IN: not loaded due to errors.

;    File:      named.harriot

$TTL 864

@        IN SOA                              ns1.qnet.fi. helpdesk.qnet.fi. (
         202008243      ; serial number
             28800      ; refresh every 12 hours
              7200      ; retry after 2 hours
            604800      ; expire after 2 weeks
              3600)     ; default ttl is 2 days

harriot.fi.                                       IN A
                                                          IN MX     10 qntsrv8.qnet.fi.
                                                          IN MX     10 qntsrv9.qnet.fi.
                                                         IN NS     ns1.qnet.fi.
                                                         IN NS     ns2.qnet.fi.
                                                         IN NS     ns3.qnet.fi.
                                                          IN NS     ns1.z.fi.
                                                          IN NS     ns2.z.fi.

www                IN A
api                     IN A
webmail            IN CNAME mail.qnet.fi.
_autodiscover._tcp      IN SRV 0 5 443 mail.qnet.fi.

dev                                                                               IN A

; mg                                                                              IN CNAME eu.mailgun.org.
mg                                                                                 IN MX                 10 mxa.eu.mailgun.org.
mg                                                                                 IN MX                 10 mxb.eu.mailgun.org.
mg                                                                                 IN TXT                v=spf1 include:eu.mailgun.org ~all

; smtp_domainkey.mg             IN TXT "k=rsa; p=MII-----AQAB"

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