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Sun Aug 23 09:59:33 UTC 2020

Yes, I think the whole CNAME is useless here anyway.

These were the recommendations of this service provider, mailgun though..

Thx, Jukka

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Aihe: Re: CNAME / TXT

If you uncomment that mg CNAME you end up with a CNAME mx and TXT at the same node in to the DNS tree and that is illegal. That is why you get the error "cname and other data". The mx and txt are the other data.
On Sat, Aug 22, 2020, 8:19 PM Jukka Pakkanen <jukka.pakkanen at qnet.fi<mailto:jukka.pakkanen at qnet.fi>> wrote:
Cannot figure out what is wrong here… must be something simple but after sitting in airplanes the last 40 hours and it’s 2am…

Only when I comment out the two lines in the end of the named.harriot, it goes through and BIND load the zone. With those two lines, get the following:

C:\DNS\etc\namedb>named-checkzone harriot.fi<http://harriot.fi> named.harriot
dns_master_load: named.harriot:33: mg.harriot.fi<http://mg.harriot.fi>: CNAME and other data
dns_rdata_fromtext: named.harriot:35: syntax error
zone harriot.fi/IN<http://harriot.fi/IN>: loading from master file named.harriot failed: CNAME and other data
zone harriot.fi/IN<http://harriot.fi/IN>: not loaded due to errors.

;    File:      named.harriot

$TTL 864

@        IN SOA                              ns1.qnet.fi<http://ns1.qnet.fi>. helpdesk.qnet.fi<http://helpdesk.qnet.fi>. (
         202008243      ; serial number
             28800      ; refresh every 12 hours
              7200      ; retry after 2 hours
            604800      ; expire after 2 weeks
              3600)     ; default ttl is 2 days

harriot.fi<http://harriot.fi>.                                       IN A
                                                          IN MX     10 qntsrv8.qnet.fi<http://qntsrv8.qnet.fi>.
                                                          IN MX     10 qntsrv9.qnet.fi<http://qntsrv9.qnet.fi>.
                                                         IN NS     ns1.qnet.fi<http://ns1.qnet.fi>.
                                                         IN NS     ns2.qnet.fi<http://ns2.qnet.fi>.
                                                         IN NS     ns3.qnet.fi<http://ns3.qnet.fi>.
                                                          IN NS     ns1.z.fi<http://ns1.z.fi>.
                                                          IN NS     ns2.z.fi<http://ns2.z.fi>.

www                IN A
api                     IN A
webmail            IN CNAME mail.qnet.fi<http://mail.qnet.fi>.
_autodiscover._tcp      IN SRV 0 5 443 mail.qnet.fi<http://mail.qnet.fi>.

dev                                                                               IN A

; mg                                                                              IN CNAME eu.mailgun.org<http://eu.mailgun.org>.
mg                                                                                 IN MX                 10 mxa.eu.mailgun.org<http://mxa.eu.mailgun.org>.
mg                                                                                 IN MX                 10 mxb.eu.mailgun.org<http://mxb.eu.mailgun.org>.
mg                                                                                 IN TXT                v=spf1 include:eu.mailgun.org<http://eu.mailgun.org> ~all

; smtp_domainkey.mg<http://smtp_domainkey.mg>             IN TXT "k=rsa; p=MII-----AQAB"

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