RRL outcome on legitimate traffic...

Lyle Giese lyle at lcrcomputer.net
Tue Dec 1 16:20:26 UTC 2020

Probably best to ask Paul Vixie for confirmation<GRIN>.

I had implemented RRL when it was still an addon and that was what was 
documented back then.

On 12/1/20 10:15 AM, Karl Pielorz wrote:
> --On 1 December 2020 at 08:24:50 -0600 Lyle Giese 
> <lyle at lcrcomputer.net> wrote:
>> You need to look at the reply named sends when it trips and starts
>> limiting UDP traffic source from a given IP address.  It tells the
>> requestor to try again using TCP instead of UDP.
>> So if the requestor is a legit dns server, it will retry using TCP and
>> still get a valid answer.
>> Named does not blindly just drop traffic.
> Hmmm, I thought it did for RRL limit hits? (i.e. that's the point - to 
> stop sending responses).
> Documentation for rate-limit seemed a bit patchy e.g. KB aa-00994 
> references to "See ARM 6.2.15" - which doesn't exist. In fact a lot of 
> the KB documents reference Bind 9.9 - and things have moved on.
> But I can see it's better explained in the current ARM / Section 
> now.
> In fact, that entry also covers/says "Legitimate clients react to 
> dropped or truncated response by retrying with UDP or with TCP 
> respectively" - looks like it documents where these are in stats as 
> well (RateDropped / QryDropped et'al) - so I think I'm good to go.
> -Karl

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