Filter out TSIG records from zone transfer

Stuart at Stuart at
Sun Dec 6 22:22:20 UTC 2020

I usually just GREP them out.

dig -k .... axfr zone @remotehost | grep -v 'ANY[[:space:]]TSIG[[:space:]]'


On 7/12/20, 1:32 am, "bind-users on behalf of Anand Buddhdev" <bind-users-bounces at on behalf of anandb at> wrote:

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    Hi folks,

    When I use "dig" to do a zone transfer, using TSIG, then the resulting
    zone is interspersed with TSIG records. Some tools, such as
    "dnssec-verify", don't like these records.

    Is there any way to tell dig not to print these TSIG records? Currently,
    I pass the zone through an awk script to filter out these records, but
    it would be nice if I could tell dig itself to suppress them.

    Anand Buddhdev
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