Bind: named can't listen while using VRF

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Tue Dec 15 06:59:22 UTC 2020

On 12/14/20 9:50 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
> In theory all that should be needed is "ip vrf exec [ NAME ] named …"

What I've done with l3mdev makes me think that if BIND is run in the 
master network namespace, it should be able to bind (no pun intended) to 
IPs across VRFs if the l3mdev allows (as in tuneable).

Yes, BIND can be run inside of a network namespace / vrf without 
problems.  But that would make it be isolated to said network namespace 
/ vrf.  But that contradicts one of the primary uses cases for l3mdevs 
that I'm aware of.

Grant. . . .
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