Weird DNS behaviour resolution issues when more labels are present in a zone

Prasanna Mathivanan (pmathiva) pmathiva at
Wed Dec 16 08:47:36 UTC 2020

Thanks Mark for responding.

Whenever we have broken delegation as domain owners didn't follow proper RFC, the default behaviour of the query hits   " _.<label-sequence>"  which doesn’t exist.? And we get NXDOMAIN or SERVFAIL response.

Is my understanding correct ?



On 14/12/20, 6:51 AM, "Mark Andrews" <marka at> wrote:

    > On 12 Dec 2020, at 20:36, Prasanna Mathivanan (pmathiva) via bind-users <bind-users at> wrote:
    > Hi everyone,
    > I have an issue in resolving a domain, from logs I see its timing out.
    > And from dig output we are getting SERV fail response.
    > The bind version we are using 9.14.10, same domain resolves in bind version 9.11 and lower.
    > Example domain:-
    > When we took tcpdump and saw what’s happening when we do a dig, we see its querying the wrong domain“” , and it’s not able to query the NS for this domain and we get timeout in logs.
    > Adding to that we get SERVFAIL response when doing dig.

    If you are getting a timeout then the server for is broken or it is unreachable.
    “_” is a legal label in the DNS.  If the server for responds to but
    does not respond to then the server is broken or there is a broken firewall in
    front of it.

    > We don’t see this behaviour for bind version 9.11 or lower and works with +trace as well.
    > If anyone can explain why this behaviour is happening, it will be very helpful in understanding the issue.
    > After looking into the problem, it appears that bind 9.14 ships with Query Name Minimisation feature as defined by RFC 7816 enabled by default.
    > few have experienced this behaviour and solution was to disable QNAME minimization.
    > How does QNAME Minimisation alter this behaviour? To quote from RFC 7816:
    > Instead of sending the full QNAME and the original QTYPE upstream, a resolver that implements QNAME minimisation and does not already have the answer in its cache sends a request to the name server authoritative for the closest known ancestor of the original QNAME. The request is done with:
    > 	• the QTYPE NS

    > 	• the QNAME that is the original QNAME, stripped to just one label more than the zone for which the server is authoritative
    > A resolver using QNAME Minimisation implicitly assumes that each label in the query name corresponds to a zone cut. The resolver queries a parent zone server, using an abbreviated query name that is truncated after the name of the immediate child label and uses a query type of NS.
    > Am adding the following links to justify this behaviour, but just wanted a suggestion if we are good with doing this.
    > Disabling QMIN does fix the issue, but I would like to understand why delegation breaks if there are more labels.
    > And why the query goes to underscore domain even though it doesn’t exist.

    Because people deploy non-RFC compliant nameservers.  If you find one complain to the operator of it.

    _.<label-sequence> is chosen so that the resulting NXDOMAINs are not being cached for <label-sequence>.
    The initial QMIN implementation used NS queries but that caused problems when servers returned NXDOMAIN
    to NS queries but there were really records there.  Querying for A / AAAA at <label-sequence> also distorts
    QTYPE statistics for <label-sequence>.  Prepending “_” prevents that by using a QNAME that almost never

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    > Thanks
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