"overlay" views

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Mon Jan 20 14:10:05 UTC 2020

Brian J. Murrell <brian at interlinx.bc.ca> wrote:
> But the hosts on Network 1 and Network 2 need to resolve the same name
> (let's call it "gateway") to the address of their interface on Router.
> So that is, hosts on Network 1 want a query of "gateway." to resolve to
> and hosts on Network 2 want a query of "gateway." to
> resolve to

This is a strange requirement. It sounds to me like you have dug yourself
into a hole made of unwise decisions and you'd be better off revisiting
them rather than solving the immediate problem.

> What I am looking for is a way to save the duplicate copying of Network
> 3 resources to the views for Network 1 and Network 2.  This is where
> the term "overlay" comes in.  What I'd like to do is reference a single
> copy of data from Network 3 in Network 1 and 2's views but "overlay"
> some view-specific resources on top of that, namely the "gateway."
> name, with it's per-view specific value.

Use "in-view" zones for the shared data, and view-specific zones for the
data that differs.

On our authoritative servers we have a "main" view which has all the zones
configured in the usual way, and an "external" view which refers to the
public zones using "in-view main". Our internal zone private.cam.ac.uk is
configured in the external view with a static empty zone file to return
NXDOMAIN to errant queries, because using an ACL to return REFUSED causes
problems with query retries and CAA lookup failures, amongst other things.

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