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Hi, Stephan,

If the domain has one working DNS server and one that's broken, but both are
in the delegation, then it's somewhat of random luck as to which one you'll
try first... If you try the bad one first, then what happens next depends on
"how" it's bad. If it's just dead/down, then after a timeout, your client
will move on and try the next one. But, if the server is up and refuses to
answer the query, can't answer the query (sounds like what you're getting),
or worse, answers that there's no such thing, I think that your resolver is
going to believe that the domain is broken and not try the next resolver. 

Having a server that's answering like this is a serious problem for the
owner of the domain; they should shut down the misbehaving server until they
can get it fixed and then things will probably run a lot better than letting
it answer incorrectly.

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Hello all,

I ran across a question I did not really expect. I am using bind 9.14.1 as
normal, standalone nameserver. When trying to resolve a certain domain I get
a SERVFAIL (with nslookup). Deeper inspection of the problem shows that the
domain uses 2 nameservers, where one works perfectly well, the other does
not know the domain at all.
I would have expected that bind finds the domain by using the working
nameserver and ignoring the dead one. But obviously it does not.
Did I misconfigure something? I thought both nameservers should be
questioned and the first working result be used, or not?

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