Starting bind 9.16.x with systemctl fails

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Thu Jul 9 10:28:03 UTC 2020


You can see what is happening in debug mode.

Start your named with -g option
ex: /usr/sbin/named -g

Have a nice day :)

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Subject: Starting bind 9.16.x with systemctl fails

When I start bind 9.16.x with systemctl I get:

Failed to start named.service: Unit is not loaded properly: Bad message.
See system logs and 'systemctl status named.service' for details.

I get no messages in the logs.
Systemctl status named.service says:
* named.service - Berkeley Internet Name Domain (DNS)
   Loaded: error (Reason: Bad message)
   Active: inactive (dead)

These messages are not very helpful, any ideas???


        Adri P. van Bloois

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