Bind IPV6 issue

Anand Buddhdev anandb at
Thu Jul 9 11:51:34 UTC 2020

On 09/07/2020 12:56, Duleep Thilakarathne wrote:

Hi Duleep,

After starting BIND, can you examine its log entries? It should print 
all the addresses it is binding to, eg:

09-Jul-2020 13:50:57.674 listening on IPv4 interface lo0,
09-Jul-2020 13:50:57.676 IPv6 socket API is incomplete; explicitly 
binding to each IPv6 address separately
09-Jul-2020 13:50:57.676 listening on IPv6 interface lo0, ::1#53
09-Jul-2020 13:50:57.677 listening on IPv6 interface lo0, fe80::1%1#53
09-Jul-2020 13:50:57.678 listening on IPv6 interface en0, 
09-Jul-2020 13:50:57.679 listening on IPv4 interface en0,
09-Jul-2020 13:50:57.680 listening on IPv6 interface en0, 
09-Jul-2020 13:50:57.681 listening on IPv6 interface en0, 

> Hi Anand,
> Yes netstat -upan only shows only ipv4 address listen :53. But sever
> listens for ipv6 SSH port. So i can confirm IPV6 working fine in server.
> But not for udp port 53.

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