[DoD Source -- ssshhhh Top Secret] Re: Dumb Question is an A or AAAA record required?

Michael De Roover isc at nixmagic.com
Thu Jul 9 14:57:16 UTC 2020

You do have control over that.. kind of. As far as I'm aware hosting 
providers generally offer control over PTR records in their admin 
panels. However delegation of them to your own authoritative name 
servers is.. complicated. A lot more so than delegation of forward 
lookups would be anyway (A, AAAA, MX, yada yada). Apparently the hosting 
provider would have to delegate (as far as I understand it's like 
sharing?) control over just that/those IP(s), and remember to revoke it 
after you leave their hosting services too. See 
https://www.arin.net/resources/manage/reverse or 
for more information... But I don't understand this part very well myself.

On my own hosting provider it appears that I can adjust the PTR records 
on their admin interface, however I can't delegate it to my own name 
servers.. since it's apparently a rather manual process. And I'm 
probably not paying my hosting provider enough for that.

Whichever methods are available, for email in particular it's advisable 
to publish a PTR record of some kind. IRC networks may also ask to do 
this before they apply your domain as your vhost (and A and PTR have to 
match). On Freenode at least they do.

On 7/9/20 3:36 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> and typically you have no control over PTR records at all given that
> they have nothing to do with your domain
> while it's smart (at least when you want to send mails) that your IP has
> a sane PTR and that the name maps back to the IP the dns system couldn't
> care less
Met vriendelijke groet / Best regards,
Michael De Roover

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